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What a Firecracker She Was!

gabriel publishing

A particular evening once was filled with special merriment because it was my grandmother’s birthday.  Cousins, aunts, uncles, we were all there to wish her well as she greeted her 80th year.

Before the evening was over we each told a story or two about Grandma which made many of us laugh, some cry, and some hear for the first time what a firecracker she was in her youth.

Enlist friends of your elders who know stories about them.  Get as many details as you can, for the person being celebrated will hear, perhaps for the first time, how stupendous they were – and still are – to have their memory kept alive in others. 


In a Small Box

gabriel publishing

I had a terrible physical defect, I thought.  It marred my skin - and mind – something fierce.  After I turned 17, though, I found that few people wanted to help me do things they knew I could do for myself.  They insisted I do things for myself if what I wanted was important enough.

At first I thought they were cold and cruel, but eventually I saw the gleam in their eyes as they pushed me to challenge myself even more.  That was the turnaround!  Suddenly it wasn’t about my limitations. It was about what next I could overcome.

Sometimes it was hard because of my appearance, but truthfully, doesn’t everyone have something to keep them in a small box?  I tore out of that box because good people knew it was the only way I would have a life worth living.


My Cocker Spaniel, Daisy

gabriel publishing

I was one of those people who could easily show love and affection to pets, but blocked it off for people.  It was a means of not getting hurt that I had learned as a kid. 

In my later years I learned to turn that around thanks to my cocker spaniel, Daisy, who taught me to open up to strangers because she was a real flirt, always running up to them. 

In time I came to realize and appreciate how much pets not only heal our wounded pasts, but enliven us to an even brighter tomorrow. 

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