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I Toasted the Past

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Over New Year’s Eve I would take a bottle of champagne down off the shelf and make a toast to another year passed, and the new one coming in.  What I found over time is that in doing so I regretted very little, because as I toasted the past I put it to rest, thus allowing a more positive response to come in with the new.

If you have a positive ritual for New Year’s Eve, let it connect.  It heightens the feeling of the past as it sets the future in motion for more good to come.  I treated New Year’s Eve like the party my heart and mind wanted!


We Handmade Every Gift

gabriel publishing

In my home growing up we handmade every Christmas gift we gave.  It wasn’t because we were under-privileged.  My family just wanted us to put our hearts and creativity into what we gave. To be sure our gifts were silly at times, but they always felt special because they were delivered with big smiles and high anticipation.

Give a gift you make with your own hands, and feel more blessed than anyone this Christmas because you are!


Let the Sunshine In!

gabriel publishing

A lot of people wondered why I was generally so cheerful.  Indeed, I liked to see the sunny side of things, but for the most part I just thought I had a congenial personality because that’s the way I was born.  And, in some ways that was true, but it was also true that if something made me mad or sad, I wouldn’t sit with it very long because it wore me down.

I can fully appreciate that millions of things happen in every person’s life that can bring them down, but if you put your feet on the floor instead of curling up, you’ll become the better person for it.  It’s like letting the sunshine in vs. pulling the drapes down. 

Be kind to yourself, let the sunshine in!

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