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Sometimes Gifts are Just an Excuse!

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When I was small we gave into our desires to give hints about what we got each other for Christmas.  For years we did this, and much to our amazement we almost never got it right.

Sure, at times we’d guess ‘a sweater,’ but when we saw it was a teddy bear wearing a sweater we’d laugh uproariously! 

Sometimes gifts are just an excuse to have more family fun.  So if your family feels commercialism has taken over your holidays, turn things around in a way that brings joy and laughter.  That’s the real gift.


It Was a Good Idea!

gabriel publishing

If you choose what you want, others can’t control you.  If you don’t, they can.  That’s why I thought it was a grand idea when I was a young mother to set down rules around raising my kids.  While others offered their opinions over and over about feeding, napping, discipline, etc., I found they wouldn’t stop until I spoke up: “Well, it’s good you’ve had your children to raise.  Now I have mine!”

Over and over people looked at me like I was odd, or had missed out on social niceties when I was raised.  But from this side [the afterlife] I can assure you that no amount of manners would have gotten those well-meaning people to leave me be.

I like that I learned to stick up for myself.  It freed me up to enjoy those who really just wanted to be like me: Happy!


This is Key!

gabriel publishing

Social events were a breeze for me as an adult, because as a child I watched how my mother genuinely enjoyed people by relating to them. How did she do it?  She asked others what they thought and why, and then sat with their valued opinions before commenting back.  It was wonderful!  Everyone noticed that she took their opinions to heart, which secured her in their hearts.

Comfort is what we crave in all situations.  This is key!

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