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"God's Hand at Work"

gabriel publishing

So many times we end our year by looking back on the lowlights more than we do on the highlights.  Instead, take your time to write on a piece of paper what the best things were over 2010, and why.

After you start searching your memory for those better moments, you will position yourself for the upcoming year with a more positive outlook and receptive heart.

When I was on your side I used to work hard at trying to make things go well.  So when something didn’t, it really stood out in my mind and (forgive me) even crushed my heart at times.  But now I see the wisdom of trusting that no matter what - in every situation - there is God’s hand at work

Look through your heart’s eyes to uncover what God has given you this year that has carried you forward with Him.  Blessings are only disguised when one doesn’t look closer.

Happy New Year!


"Walks and Talks with Myself"

gabriel publishing

After football practice I always liked to take my time coming home, thinking about my future as I walked.  Sometimes I would imagine myself as student body president, and boy it felt great!

What I found out later (after I died) is that my walks and talks with myself did me a world of good.  It seems that as I walked, my higher heart rate assisted my thoughts in reaching a positive outlook along with powerful ideas toward reaching goals.

Eventually I became class president and even initiated a foreign exchange program for students which did, indeed, open a new and exciting world for all of us!


"Many Levels of Communication"

gabriel publishing

When I was young my temperature suddenly shot up one day.  No matter what the doctor did it wouldn’t break.  After several long days and nights he told my parents I probably wouldn’t make it.  That’s when I heard my mother plead with me not to die.  It was strange because even though I could see her by my bedside, her mouth wasn’t moving.

When I got older I asked my mother about those difficult days.  She confirmed that what I heard inside was what she prayed to God, over and over.

I now know there are many levels of communication and consciousness, but none more powerful than the connection between two hearts that need one another. 

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