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"My New Year Wish for Those With Addictions"

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Gambling was an addiction I had on your side.  I thought it was fun, but before I knew it greed took over.  I knew I had a problem but didn’t want to admit it until I came home into The Light.  That’s when I learned that had I prayed while pressing my hands together I could pull in The Spirit of Love, and release the addiction.

My New Year wish for those with addictions: pray for The Spirit of Love to come into you as your press your palms together. It is a joy and a gift for those who believe in miracles! 

Happy New Year!



"Dark Clouds Breaking Open"

gabriel publishing


After I died I felt for the first time the true meaning of Christmas: giving!  It happened when God showed me my life in retrospect.  I felt for the first time the power of my love when I made a special effort to smile at people.  That’s when I gave unconditional love.  What a miracle!

In this season of hope, my wish is that you include the gift of smiling more often.  It’s like dark clouds breaking open to allow the sunshine through.  It heals the heart!  Give the greatest gift of your love to all mankind: smile more and be HEALED!

Merry Christmas!



"Don't Go Down That Same Road"

gabriel publishing


There are too many people with too many things from big cars to even bigger houses.  I was one of those people, I confess.  I couldn’t get enough of whatever it was that was hot or hip.  I just had to have it!  While it felt fun at first, I later learned how much harm I was doing to my own mind as I accumulated stuff.

Learn to get rid things you don’t use.  Get them out the door!  Before long, you’ll see that you need less and feel better!

After I died I looked at my house as a place of ‘things’ more than memories.  I remember that unfortunate feeling and hope you don’t go down that same road. It’s not worth it.  Minimize what you own.  Maximize what you do! 



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